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The kids I want to highlight truly stand out to me for their degree of effort, interest in art outside of class, and consistent attendance. They serve as a reminder to me of the good effects that art can have on students' lives. Whether those effects are short term or long-lasting, art should always be a part of a child's development.


Age 5 (Age group 4-8)

In-Person Traditional drawing & Painting Lessons

  • She likes to draw cartoon characters.

  • Craft with construction paper, scissor and glitter glue.

  • Loves painting with water color.

  • Her favorite art piece is her dolphin painting.

  • She's drawing lots of Disney Princesses right now and looks forward to every class.

Gallery of Nishika Summer Artwork


Age 11 (Age group 9-13)

Online Traditional drawing

& Digital art Lessons

  • She likes to draw the cutest characters and sketch real good with graphite.

  • Has a varied learning interest in both traditional and digital drawing.

  • When she's not drawing, she's having fun with her Nintendo Switch!

  • Her favorite artwork is Sylveon Pokemon Digital drawing.

  • She's currently drawing a background for her favorite Pokemon.

Gallery of Raya Summer Artwork

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A very happy summer full of fun.

Autumn is approaching and my students are back in school. I wanted to share all the wonderful artwork made during this hot summer. I'm very happy to have provided a great learning environment for my summer students. Some have joined my yearlong classes and I can't wait to surprise them with fall themed drawings!

Please check out more of my students artwork on Instagram

my username is @Drawingwithdaisyart

Next post, I will announce the top students for Summer 2022! Super excited to share.

Take Care!


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