A very happy summer full of fun.

Autumn is approaching and my students are back in school. I wanted to share all the wonderful artwork made during this hot summer. I'm very happy to have provided a great learning environment for my summer students. Some have joined my yearlong classes and I can't wait to surprise them with fall themed drawings!

Please check out more of my students artwork on Instagram

my username is @Drawingwithdaisyart

Next post, I will announce the top students for Summer 2022! Super excited to share.

Take Care!


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One kid was chosen from each age group based on their level of commitment and progress. They are a representation of the overall value that my classes provide.


Age 4

  • Her favorite things to draw: Disney characters, Cute animals

  • Her favorite art medium:

Color Pastels and Watercolor

  • Fun Fact: She's from Spain and loves listening to Pirates of the Carribean

Gallery of all her Artwork


Age 10

  • Her favorite things to draw: Anime characters, realistic eyes

  • Her favorite art medium:

Graphite and Charcoal

  • Fun Fact: She loves Attack on Titan and collecting shells

Gallery of All her Artwork

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Updated: Apr 30

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