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  • Where will you travel to teach in-person classes?
    Feel free to contact to confirm the availability of in-person classes in your location. Ms.Daisy is happy to travel if it's within the teaching range and fits into the class schedule.
  • How do you reserve spots?
    To ensure that each student receives a quality attention, Ms.Daisy has set a limit on the number of spots available each day. Therefore, it is kindly requested full payment for each class either in advance or on the same day the class is provided. Late payments might disrupt the scheduling, so please keep this in mind to avoid any interruptions in your child's classes. If you're in need of a different payment plan, don't hesitate to reach out. Ms. Daisy will do her best to accommodate your needs. In the event of a late noticed cancellation, if you'd like to keep your child's time slot, please be aware that payment for the missed class is necessary. This ensures fairness for all students and helps Ms.Daisy maintain a smooth schedule for everyone.
  • What is your class schedule?
    Ms.Daisy schedule is subject to change based on the number of enrolled students. If you require information about the current schedule before signing up, please don't hesitate to contact.
  • What is your refund policy?
    The refund policy is designed to maintain fairness and efficiency. If you've paid in advance and Ms.Daisy is unable to teach or attend as scheduled, a refund will be gladly provided. However, if a late noticed cancellation is made after making an advanced payment, refunds won't be feasible. This is due to the preparation involved, as materials are typically arranged and scheduling optimized.
  • What if I need to cancel class or reschedule?
    Ms.Daisy understand that life can get busy, but to ensure everyone's schedules run smoothly, here's a friendly heads-up: If you find yourself needing to cancel or reschedule frequently, Ms. Daisy might need to pause or end classes temporarily. To keep things fair and ensure your child keeps their spot, it is kindly requested at least one week's notice for non-emergency cancellations or reschedules. If something pops up last minute, no worries! Just let Ms.Daisy know and you can keep your spot by paying for the missed class. For those unexpected sick days, a heads-up 12 hours in advance would be much appreciated. It is totally understood it happens here and there, but Ms,Daisy ask that you try to limit these to once a month. Ms.Daisy goal is to keep things friendly, professional, and make sure everyone's learning journey is as smooth as possible!
  • Do you offer gift cards?
    Yes! This makes an excellent gift for the kids who love to draw in your family. 😁
  • What supplies are needed for digital art classes?
    Ms. Daisy and the student will draw digitally together in real-time using Magma Studio. For this, the student will need either an iPad or a Wacom drawing tablet (which requires a computer to connect to), along with a stylus to draw on the tablet.
  • Are your online drawing classes available to any child ?
    Absolutely! Whether your child speaks English or Spanish, from anywhere, they'll thrive in my online art classes, just like everyone else. As long as we can find a spot in the class schedule, they're more than welcome to join. Feel free to reach out with any questions you might have.
  • What supplies are required for traditional drawing class?
    Ms. Daisy will provide all the necessary art materials for each class. However, it's beneficial for students to have their own supplies for practicing outside of class. The specific materials required will depend on the traditional medium the student chooses to work with, which can be discussed either during enrollment or within the class itself.
  • How is the class structure for Zoom Art Lessons?
    Traditional drawing and digital art online classes are held through Zoom. Please make sure to download Zoom from You'll receive an email with Zoom meeting instructions, including a unique URL and meeting code, at least 1 day or a few hours before the class starts. If you haven't received an email invitation, just let Ms.Daisy know as soon as possible. Before each class, it is recommend that your child gets ready by having all their drawing materials handy and finding a quiet, distraction-free spot to sit. And please, make sure your internet connection is reliable, so there are no interruptions during the lesson. We're here to make sure your child has the best learning experience possible!

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